Ashe Sprinkling

Ash Sprinkling Performance 1989 Edit/Video 1989 4 min Performance: This is story telling as performance. I tell the story of the day when I was 13 and my mother’s ashes were sprinkled on a pile of stones. This performance was a confrontation with the self-using the live feed from camera. Where I could witness myself telling the story on a monitor. This piece is indicative of my performance work at the time except often I used prerecorded stories and the content varied.


Glass House Performance Williamsburg Brooklyn. A memorial to a friend who died falling from a building.

Nine Stones, from where my mothers ashes are

Nine Stones From Where My Mothers Ashes Are Performance 1993 Edit/Video: 1993 3 min 50 seconds Performance: At 27 I made a trip to where my mother’s ashes had been sprinkled when I was 13. Her ashes were sprinkled on a large pile of stones she and her father had collected on the family farm. I went and collected nine stones, which my mother and grandfather had touched. I picked them up one at a time and took them home with me. During the performance action I wet the stones with water, held, touched and squeezed them with my hands. Recorded sound of me playing my grandmothers violin was played during the Action. I moved my hands and the stones in concord with the sound.


Premonition Performance 1998 NYC at ORT Brooklyn Video/Edit 1999 Paris and 2006 Digital NYC. Performance: This is a performance I designed and had another woman perform. I videotaped the performance myself. It was the action of winding thread around her hands and then cutting the string and winding repeatedly. I just had a random idea of having her do the action with the string. After we finished the performance she said she felt like it was being one of the muses who decided how long the strings of peoples lives would be. I thought hum… interesting. Then I had a dream that I described to her it was about rubble and people in Turkey and she told me not to go there. Then I was invited there and said no. Then were the people I was invited to go with \went and were in an earthquake that killed thousands of people. I edited this piece more while I was in Paris after that earthquake.

Siren Song

Siren Song Performance 1996 Edit 1999 2006 4 min Performance: In this performance I was covered in inject able iron and had let it dry sticking me to the bed I laid on. I had designed a performance for myself and another. The other participant in the performance washed the iron off from my body. This performance demonstrated the idea of one person helping and caring for another.



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